Tryout Q&A

What ages are tryouts offered for?
Our tryouts in November, December '16/January '17 for our 2017 teams will be offered at the 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007 (Brick team) & 2006 birth years. 

When can I register?
Registration link should be active and posted each fall for our tryouts.

Is it okay if my son can only make one night of the tryout sessions?
Yes, there are many players who can only make one session. Making only one session will not be held against players. We prefer to see players there at all sessions but understand there will be conflicts.

How many players will you take from these sessions?
That depends on the talent level that is there. Whether it is our summer team or our midget and junior team tryouts our motto is the same-“If a player is good enough we will find a spot for him in our program”. Every year we take dozens of players who we see at our tryouts. 90% of the players that play on any of our AAA teams at these ages are at our tryouts.

Are there still openings or have the teams been picked?
Contrary to what some will have you think, there are openings at EVERY position and at EVERY age group. There are players who have been invited to play on the team already but there are still openings for every age group. Every year at every age level there are players we take from tryouts. There are players we have never heard of or seen before that come out, impress us and play on our team(s). "If a player is good enough we will find a spot for him in our program”.

Do I need to preregister for tryouts or can I just show up the day of and register?
All players must preregister online. Walk-ons will not be taken. We also need to cap the number of players that tryout for our team, especially at the goalie position. There are only so many players and goalies we can accmodate at our tryouts.Please do not wait till the last minute.

What is the format of tryouts?
The majority will be scrimmaging. After a short warm-up we will scrimmage (full ice). Depending on the age, we may play some cross ice.