Little Bruins Q&A

When/where are tryouts for the Little Bruins?
Tryouts for the Little Bruins will always be in April. Typically the first weekend after USA Hockey Nationals. To find dates for this year go to our CALENDAR LINK and scroll to April.


How many openings are there at tryouts for the Little Bruins?
There are always openings at every position for our team. During the last five seasons we have averaged 4-5 openings at forward, 3-4 openings at defense and at least one goaltender (although there are years we need to fill two spots). The bottom line with our team is if you are a good enough player we will find a spot for you in our program regardless of how many openings we have.

How often/where do the Little Bruins practice?
From 2005-2008 we practiced every Wednesday night from (approx 7:40-9:00 PM) at NESC. We anticipate the same in subsequent years. We also offer two additional (optional) practices with either our Empire or EJHL team. So, as a member of the Little Bruins you can practice 1-3 times per week in the fall.

How many games do the Little Bruins play?
Our anticipated schedule will be between 25-33 games. The number of games we play will, in part, be determined by how many playoff games we participate in during tournament weekends.

When does the Little Bruins season start and end?
The Little Bruins season begins in late August (the week prior to Labor Day weekend) with our training camp. The Little Bruins first game(s) will be over Labor Day weekend at NESC. The Little Bruins season ends in mid November prior to high school and prep school tryouts.

What ages are eligible to play for the Little Bruins?
The Little Bruins are for players in grades 8-12 (primarily grades 10-12).

Where do you take players from?
The Little Bruins are made up of players from, primarily, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. The Little Bruins have had players from the following schools: Nobles, Belmont Hill, St. Sebastian’s, LaSalle, Westminster, St. John’s (S), Thayer, Cushing, Mt. Saint Charles, Pomfret, Reading HS, Shrewsbury HS, Austin Prep, Marlboro HS, Andover and Lawrence Academy to name a few.

Who are the Little Bruins coaches?
Chris Masters has been the head coach for the past five seasons and will be back with the Little Bruins next season. Andy Powers is the Associate Head Coach.

How much travel does the team do?
The Little Bruins will travel to the Woodchuck Showcase in Burlington, VT in September.  They leave Friday after school ends and return on Sunday.  All other games/tournaments will be local.

How much school do the players miss?
The Little Bruins players have not missed a day of school in six years and that will continue.