Accepts Scholarship to U-Mass

MARLBORO, MA - Longtime Junior
Bruin Connor Doherty accepted a scholarship to U-Mass Amherst and will be suiting up for the Minutemen this fall. Doherty, a ’93 born defenseman from Holden, MA is a great story.
Growing up he played for the ’93 Minuteman Flames, a top team that age in the country, and he was a key player on the team but not regarded as the teams top defensemen or even in the top 2 on the team. His story is a testament to those who continue to work hard, have a great attitude, compete every time you hit the ice, be humble and continually improve.
“There was never an ego with Connor and his
family,” coach Chris Masters commented. “From the first time he joined the program as a ’93 AAA team player through this past season on our EJHL team (a stretch that spans seven years) he has been a great player and kid to have in our program. He just showed up, worked hard and earned everything he got. There were never any expectations that ice time or a big role on the team will be given to him, he just worked hard, competed harder and earned his role so it is great to see him realize this dream of playing at the highest level of college hockey.”
Doherty spent the 2009-2010 season with the Empire team and was a 4/5 defenseman on the team at the beginning of the season. Towards the end he worked his way into the top 3 and a key to the B’s success late in the season. The following year, 2010-2011, he started as a top 3 defenseman on the team, and as he did the prior seasons, he worked his way up the depth chart to a player that the team needed to have on the ice in every key situation. He is big, strong, defends well, has good feet, has great competitive intensity and keeps it simple when he has the puck always making good decisions. In addition he is also a great teammate, possesses a great attitude and a coachable player.
This past season, his first in the EJHL, he started as a 5/6 defenseman on the team and by mid season was in the the top 2 on the top team in the league. His pattern for the last three seasons has been the same-improve with each month of the season and played his way into a big role on the team.
“Connor did it the right way, he never forced his development by jumping to the EJ a year early and that patience paid off,” coach Peter Masters said. “He came to the EJ team prepared and ready for the level and quickly adjusted to the pace of play and became a top player for us and top defenseman in the league. Too often a player and family feel they need to be the highest level and they want to rush development. The Doherty’s had patience and allowed Connor to develop on his timeline and he is a better player for it.”
It’s great to see Connor and the Doherty’s have this success. In this age of “high maintenance” parents and players we never once, in his three full seasons with us, had a meeting with Connor or his parents about ice time, who he plays with and what he should be given,” Masters continued. “It was a refreshing experience, the Doherty’s “get it”"
Congrats to Connor and his family!