Falite Hired to Run Hong Kong Typoon

MARLBORO, MA - In the summer of 2007 B’s coach Chris Masters traveled to Beijing China to lead a hockey camp for the youth players in the city and surrounding areas. A Bruins coach
is headed back there, for a longer stay, as Craig Falite has been hired as the Program Director for the Hong Kong Typhoon.
Falite, who has been with the Bruins in a full time capacity the last 18 months has been a key member of the staff. In addition to his office responsibilities he served as a coach with the ESHL and Little Bruins teams as well as coaching in the B’s AAA tournament team program.
“Craig will certainly be missed but this is too good an opportunity to pass up,” Peter Masters commented. “He did a great job with our players and he thrived when teaching on ice. His enthusiasm, game knowledge and teaching method were among the best we have seen. Whether it was with our Little Bruins or junior aged kids all the way down to the 04′s this psring and summer he knew how to connect with them and get his point across.”
“It always hurts to lose a valuable part of the team, but, we are happy for Craig in the same way we were when Billy Riga left the program to take a job at Union and helped put that program on a
national stage and when Mike Yandle left to take a full time scouting position in the NHL (Florida Panthers). In the same way it is exciting for us to see our players move onto bigger and better things, we feel the same about our coaches and staff.”
Hong Kong, which is the most densely populated city in the world, has a population of 8 million yet there are only two hockey rinks in the city and the Typhoons have 500 players in their program. Falite, in addition to the overall direction of the program, will also work on ice with teams and coach and will be in China for two years.
Falite will fly to Hong Kong on Monday, August 20th, he can be reached via email at: cfalite@gmail.com