Luczyk To Become Bobcat

MARLBORO, MA- Junior Bruins leading goal scorer from last season has signed with the Quinnipiac Bobcats for the 2012-2013 season. Luczyk will be joining fellow Bruin Dan Federico and former Bruins coach Bill Riga at Quinnipiac.

In his first season with the EJ team Luczyk posted 39 goals, 33 of which were in league play. Those 33 goals placed him second in the league. Luczyk’s goals can be mostly co ntributed to his release and “heavy” shot. Luczyk’s ability to get the puck off his stick in such a short period of time, with accuracy and power provides him with a tool that is unmatched by most players. His shot makes him deadly on the power play, as he netted 16 goals on the PP this season to go along with leading the team in game winning goals with seven. He is not just a goal scorer, his creativity with the puck and ability to find openings to set up teammates led him to 27 assists for the season. He ended up with 66 points which placed him fourth on the team.

His stats are great but Luczyk’s passion for the game might be his best aspect. He never turns down an opportunity to get on the ice. Even on days off he can be found at stick time or around a rink somewhere. He not only skated with the EJ team throughout the season but also took advantage of some extra ice and skated with the Bruin’s CHA team. “He was there more than some of the players that were actually on the team” said CHA Head Coach and EJHL Assistant Coach Mike Anderson. “He helped out the players and was a member of the team. We went as far as to name him assistant captain” Coach Anderson added. “He is a rink-rat, whether it’s a tournament, a captains practice, CHA practices, or any other hockey related event we had going on, he would be there” EJHL Head Coach Peter Masters said about Luczyk.
Luczyk first came to the Bruins as a part of the programs 1992 AAA tournament team back in 2002. He played at nearly every tournament that ’92 team went to and won virtually every big spring/summer tournament there was as the ’92 AAA B’s were one of the most successful. “Even at a young age Zach had a shot that could win you games,” coach Chris Masters commented. “We were in Montreal at the Repentigny tournament and were in the finals, game tied late in the third and Zach collected
the puck just over the blue line and was on a near breakaway when he wound up to take a slap shot. I remember at the time wanting to scream to skate in on the breakaway and not shoot from 10 feet over the blue since most 10 year olds could barely get it to the net from that distance. He ripped one that rocketed past the goalie and proved to be the game winner.”
We, at the Junior Bruins, wish Zach luck at Quinnipiac and know that with all the time he spends working on his craft there is no doubt that he will make a splash his first year with the Bobcats.