2012 Federico Memorial Award

Sam Colangelo & Family Named as Inaugural Recipients

MARLBORO, MA - The Junior Bruins are proud to announce that 2001 Junior Bruins AAA team forward Sam Colangelo and family are the recipients of the 2012 Thomas C. Federico Memorial Award.

The Federico Memorial Award goes to the player and family who best represent on ice success as well as the character, perspective and attitude that the Federico family had.

Sam, who played on our Bruins first ever Brick team a year ago, has been with the B’s since he was seven years old. He originally came to the team playing up a year with the 2000′s at the Icebreaker tournament. The following year, when we fielded our first 2001 team, he was one of the first players selected and has been with the team ever since.

He had a great season with the ’01′s this year. To start with the 2001′s had a season for the ages and rivaled what the 1997 Junior Bruins team used to do every spring/summer season. The team went to five tournaments and posted a remarkable 24-3-1 record. In those five tournaments the team went to the finals of every one, winning four of them. They started the year at the Toronto Invitational and lost to the 2011 Brick champs, the Toronto Bulldogs, in the championship game. Earlier in the tournament the two teams played to a 4-4 tie and the B’s avenged a round robin loss to Team THAAAQ beating them in the quarterfinals 5-0.

The team then traveled to Montreal for the Meltdown tournament and started a run of winning four straight tournaments. The field in Montreal is as deep as there is and the B’s went 5-0-1 and beat the Petit Blizzard team 3-0 in the finals. In round robin play, they tied the Lightning 2-2 and then saw them again in the semi finals and beat them in a summer season classic, 5-4 in over time.

It was on to the Skater’s Edge, Icebreaker and Lobsterfest from there and the team put together a 15-1-1 en route to three more titles.

Through all those five tournaments, Colangelo was a key to the teams on ice success. Like Danny Federico, Colangelo, no matter what his role was on the team and what position he was asked to play (center or wing), he gave 100%, put the team first and had a great attitude.

“Sam is the type of player we love to have in our program and I think Tom and the Federico family would be proud to see the first recipient of the award named in his honor go to a player like this. Not only is he an elite player at his age level but he has the attitude and work ethic that we want in players wearing the Junior Bruins jersey,” AAA team Director Chris Masters commented.

In addition, Sam’s parents, Mark and Karen, exemplify the character that Tom and Mary represented. It is rare to have a parent go out of his way to help other players gain entry into our program for fear that they may take their kids spot in subsequent tournaments or years. Not the case with Mark. He has consistently called our offices to let us know about a player who would be a fit for our program and thought deserved a chance to play with us. He would not only do that for players at the 2001 age group but for players he knew about at other age groups as well.

“Mark has been a great resource for us and there are dozens of players and families, at various age groups, who can thank him for helping get them involved with us,” Masters continued. “It is rare to get a call, unsolicited, from a parent about a player we should be on and invite to play on our team. The fear is that this new player, that we don’t know about, will play more than their son. Mark has, for years now, introduced us to players who end up on our teams and in some cases, play over his own son. It is refreshing to see that attitude and it is something that Tom Federico would do as well.”

The Colangelo’s always had a smile on their faces at the rink and always had a good word to say about other kids on the team. Even if Sam was sat late in games or was not on the power play or played in a key situation in a given game there was never an eye lash batted by Mark or Karen.

That is the character, perspective and attitude that Tom and Mary had and Sam represents the attitude, work ethic, team first attitude and on ice performance that Danny represented.

The Federico Memorial Award will be presented to Sam and his family at the Junior Bruins banquet in March. Congratulations to Sam and his family!