09 Brick & 09 Elite Team Tryouts

2019 Junior Bruins Brick & Elite Team Tryouts

These are open tryout sessions for those interested in playing on our 09 Brick team & 09 Elite team in the spring/summer of 2019. The tryouts are for players born in 2009. Tryouts consist of three scrimmage games on three separate days. There will be one or two call back sessions as needed. We will have at leat two teams at the 2009 birth year in 2019. We will have our Brick team as well as a 09 Elite team. Based on the interest and talent at tryouts we may have a third team, our 09 AAA team.

Last year, we sold out of spots at tryouts and had to turn players away. Please register ASAP.

Those players that would be comsidered imports or for players that live out of area no not need to attend the December 14 sessions. They would be placed on the Red or Green team and would play in three games on the No 30/Dec 1 weekend. They are welcome to come to the December 14 session but it is not mandatory based on travel.

Each year, there are families who have conflicts and can't make one of the first three sessoins. That is not a problem, we understand there will be conflicts and that is one reason we have tryouts on multiple days. 

Brick team (2009′s):

Tryout fee:
$189 (players get to keep tryout jersey)
Pre-registration only, no walk-ups accepted. Registration will close on Monday, November 26.
Those interested in attending tryouts following that date need to CONTACT US via email to check on availability.

Each player will skate in at leaast three games and there will be two call backs as needed

Friday, November 30 2018
5:00 PM Team Red vs. Team Blue
6:20PM Team Green vs. Team Gold
7:40 PM Team Black vs. Red

Saturday, December 1 2018
5:00 PM Team Green vs. Team Blue
6:20 PM Team Gold vs. Team Black
7:40 PM Team Red vs. Team Green

Friday, December 14 2018
5:00 PM Team Green vs. Team Black
6:20 PM Team Blue vs. Team Gold
7:40 PM Team Red vs. Team Black

Friday, January 5 2019 (Call back)
5:00 PM Team 1 vs. Team 2
6:20 PM Team 3 vs. Team 4

Friday, January 18 2019 (Call back/if needed)
5:00 PM Team 1 vs. Team 2
​6:20 PM Team 3 vs. Team 4

To Register: