April 8-10 at NESC; Register Now

MARLBORO, MA-The Junior Bruins are holding their open tryouts on Friday

(April 8 ) through Sunday (April 10) at their home rink-the New England Sports Center in Marlboro, MA. The tryout camp is open to all interested players for all of the Bruins’ team’s. The Bruins will be looking to fill spots at every position on all four of their fall and winter teams. The Junior Bruins (EJHL), Junior Bruins (Empire), Junior Bruins (CHA) and U-19 Little Bruins have openings at every position.

Questions on Tryout format and other details? Go to the following link for a breakdown of the format. Please visit the link for answers before calling the office. If, after learning additional details online and you still have questions, please do not hesitate to call: TRYOUT DETAILS

Pre-registration is strongly encouraged (especially for goalies). To register fax/email/mail in the Application. Walk-on’s will be taken as well but, by pre-registering, we will be able to assign you a time for the Friday session as well to ensure a spot at our tryouts. Goalie’s are not guaranteed a spot at tryouts. When we receive a goalie’s registration a confirmation email will be sent. Some goalies may not be accepted at tryouts.

A commonly asked question is if you have a conflict and can’t make one of the sessions is it still worth trying out? Yes, each year at tryouts there are players that can’t make every session. We do encourage all players to make as many as possible but it is not necessary and will not be held against a player.
“We get asked often how many spots are open and it changes from week to week sometimes,” Chris Masters commented. “What we tell players and parents who ask that question is simple. If a player is good enough we will find a place for him in our program. With a lot of players from our EJ team moving on college and players from our Empire team moving up to our EJ team there are a lot of openings on both. On the Little Bruins we also graduated a lot of players and have openings there as well. Our CHA team (PG’s only) had a great first season winning their conference and advancing to nationals and will move a lot of players on to college and JR. A teams so there will be a lot of openings there as well. We are excited to see who shows up at tryouts.”

Every year at our try-outs we find and select the bulk of our teams. Last season the Little Bruins selected eight players from tryouts and the Junior Bruins (Empire) team selected ten players. We also get our first look at some players interested in our EJHL team as well as our summer team. While we do extensive scouting and recruiting, there are always players we first become aware of when they first step on the ice.

Out motto is simple-”If a player is good enough, we will find a spot for him in our program.”

There are always rumors that surround tryouts that there are no openings, the team is pre-picked or you need to “know somebody” to make it. While we can’t speak to what other program’s are like, we can assure those coming to ours that none of the aforementioned is the case. Here are just a few of the stories that help illustrate that. Stories of total unknowns or those we have never had a relationship before that came to our tryouts, made our team and went on to great success.

At our 2007 tryouts a forward from Wilmington, MA showed up and he “jumped” off the ice at us. He was clearly a talented player and someone we wanted in our program. While a local player, we had no prior relationship with him and, truth be told, had never even heard of him. He was a complete surprise at our tryouts and thank God he came out to our tryouts. Joe Pendenza, in his first year in our program, was one of the top players on the team and in the Empire league. He was a league all star, named to the 1st team All Conference and was voted the Empire’s Best Forward. The past two seasons he was a top player on our EJHL team and was a league All Star in each of those.

In 2006 forward Justin Mansfield came out to tryouts. We knew of him as a good player at the ’90 level but had never had him play on our summer teams and had a very limited relationship with him. He came out to tryouts, earned a spot and had a great first season with our Junior Bruins (Empire) team. The following season (07-08) he was named as a team captain, was a league all star, named to the 1st team All Conference and was voted as the Empire’s MVP in helping lead the Bruins to a three peat of the regular season title and back to back Empire playoff title’s. He has developed into a top player in the EJHL and will be a freshmen playing for Merrimack next year.

Perhaps the greatest success story of all time is that of Greg Mauldin. Greg went to the Walpole Stars try-outs and was cut outright. Greg then showed up at the Junior Bruins try-out. After playing a couple of years at Division 3 Holliston High School Greg knew he needed to go elsewhere to continue his development. Greg was not offered a spot on our Junior team, but earned a position on our Midget team after a great try-out. Greg made quick work of the Midget league and led the team in scoring. He was then bumped up to our Junior team. His development and his star continued to soar. He ended up as a leading scorer and was a first liner who saw time on all of our specialty teams. He then went on to capture a boatload of awards during the 2000-01 season. He was team captain, leading scorer, league all-star and league MVP to name a few. Greg was one of the most sought after recruits in the east during the summer
of 2000. It was during that time that Greg accepted a full scholarship to U-Mass Amherst. An amazing story about a completely unknown player who showed up at our try-outs, earned a spot with our program and then turned it into a magical two years that culminated with a “full ride” to a Hockey East school. He currently plays for the Colorado Avalanche.

These are just some of the many success stories that happen every year when players show up at our try-outs. Whether you are a recruited player, someone our scouts have seen, or a complete unknown you have a chance with our teams. We simply select the players that impress us most.