Brick Training & Evaluation Camp

August 6-8 @ NESC

MARLBORO, MA-The Junior Bruins have added a unique camp that is being offered for the first time this August
aimed at the 2003 and 2004 birth years. The 2012 Junior Bruins Brick Training & Evaluation Camp will take place this August 6-8 at the teams home rink, the New England Sports Center, in Marlboro, MA.
Brick Training & Evaluation Camp
August 6-8 @ NESC (Marlboro, MA)
Birth Years: 2003 and 2004 Players
Cost: $295*
Mail/Fax/Email Junior Bruins Application along with payment to secure a spot at the camp. Payment will not be processed unless accepted into the camp.
We learned that most teams that go to the Brick start their process years ahead of time in evaluating and training their players. We have made some changes to our AAA tournament teams in regards to the makeup, player selection process and more so that we are better prepared for the Brick tournament each year.
A common question we field is, “what are you looking for in a player or what does my son need to improve on to make the team?”. We are often asked after our tryouts for a detailed evaluation as well and our tryout format does not allow for that. This camp is aimed at answering that question and giving detailed feedback on a players skill set/performance.
This camp will serve several purposes:
1) Three great days of training and teaching from the Bruins staff. Most camps will have a wide variety of talent yet we will screen all applicants to our camp and ensure the talent level is high.
2) Each player will get a detailed evaluation from our staff that will include strengths and weaknesses and areas of the players game that need work. This will give those interested in the Brick team for the coming tournament (2003′s) four months to address those areas before tryouts take place in December/January and 16 months for the 2004′s in preparation for the 2014 tournament
3) This also allows player from out of area who needs to travel to tryouts to get more bang for thier travel buck and get multiple days of training and evaluations in. 
4) Those interested in doubling up that week can also participate in our Power Skating Camp run by Quinnipiac coach Bill Riga. The Brick camp will end prior to the start of Power Skating so you can go from the Brick camp directly to the Power Skating.
5) Camp can also serve as a tuneup for the upcoming winter season
We are going to start the process for all those interested in the Brick tournament to attend an August camp that will involve training as well as be another venue for us to evaluate the players. In 2012, out of the Brick T&E Camp, we will extend an invite to some players to play on our 2013 Brick team (2003 birth years). The rest of the team will be selected out of the tryout process that takes place in December ’12/January ’13.
This camp also allows our staff to work with the players and see how they have progressed from one year to the next. Players interested are NOT required to be at this camp if they
are interested in our Brick team.
There will be five on ice sessions over the three days:
Monday Noon: Skill development and teaching
Monday Afternoon: Scrimmage/Cross ice/small area games
Tuesday AM: Skill development/Teaching
Tuesday afternoon: Game
Wednesday AM: Game
We are limiting the camp to 18 forwards, 12 defensemen and 4 goalies per birth year. The 2003’s will skate separately from the 2004’s. There will be no shared ice. Application
can be sent in at any time to reserve your sons spot.
Staff will include Program Director Chris Masters, Junior Bruins staff/players and special guests (college coaches/current D-1 and/or pro players).
*2003′s, who participate in the Brick T&E Camp, earn a reduced cost for Brick team tryouts. Instead of the normal $125 fee the tryout fee will be $75.