2013-2014 Plans

Teams Set to Compete in USPHL, EJHL, Empire & Mass Select

MARLBORO-MA - The Junior Bruins have firmed up their plans for the 2013-2014 season. See the attached press release as well as info below.
USPHL Press Release
Level: Junior
League: USPHL
Coach: Peter Masters
Level: Junior
League: EJHL
Coach: Mike Anderson
Level: Junior
League: Empire
Coach: Nevin Hamilt
Level: 18U full season
League: USPHL
Coach: Chris Masters
**National Bound**
Level: 16U full season
League: USPHL
Coach: Topher Bevis
**National Bound**
Level: 18U split season
League: Mass
Select League
Coach: Andy Powers/Chris Masters
Level: 19U split season
League: Independant
Coach: Marc Busenberg
League: EHF
Coach: Keith Hughes/Topher Bevis
**Minutman Flames team