2004 Brick Team

What is the Brick?
Watch the highlight video, Slideshow, letters from players and the “What they are Saying” letters that has feedback from families that were with us in prior years.
2011 Junior Bruins Brick Team Highlight Video (2001′s)
2011 Junior Bruins Brick Team Movie
Letters from Conor Lovett and Sam Colangelo
Letters from Brick team families
In 2011 The Junior Bruins were awarded one of only 14 charters to bring a team to the most prestigious summer tournament in the world and one of the top three amateur hockey events in the world (along with the World Junior Championships and the Quebec Pee Wee tournament).
Every year the Brick tournament takes place in July at the West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, AB and has the top ten year old AAA summer teams participating. The field of teams in 2014 are: Junior Bruins, Pro Hockey Toronto, Winnipeg Junior Jets, Detroit Red Wings, CT. Yankees, Chicago Jr. Blackhawks, Minnesota Blades, Pittsburgh Jr. Penguins, Vancouver Junior Canucks, Regina Junior Pats, Team Brick Alberta, California ’04′s, Montreal Ice Storm and the Toronto Bulldogs.
This is not your typical spring/summer tournament that has you playing 4-6 games on a weekend. The Brick is a week long event and you play six round robin games (Mon-Friday) and then a quarterfinal and semi final (Saturday) and finals (Sunday) for those that advance. There is also a skills competition on Sunday morning as well as the closing ceremonies that has all players involved in the tournament on ice following the finals for a “jersey swap”.
The list of alumni that have played at the Brick is a who’s who of college and pro stars. This is a unique tournament in that each team is given a geogrpahical terretory from which to draw players and players from that area are only allowed to play for that team. The Junior Bruins proteced area is Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. In addition to taking players from those states, the B’s are also allowed one “import” player. An import is a player who does not currently live in one of the established protected area’s.
The Bruins process for putting the team together starts in the late fall as they scour the AAA leagues (predominantly the EHF as well as some teams in the Select League) to identify players to invite to tryouts. The tryouts are open to all players interested in playing on the Junior Bruins “Brick” team and are held in December/January. There are several tryout sessions as well as the B’s staff then going out to watch players in games.
Once the roster is set the team participates in several tournaments to prepare for the Brick in July. In addition to those tournaments the teams practices approximately 8-10 times to prepare. The players are given 2-3 sets of game jerseys and socks in addition to a “team gear” package that includes a track suit, dri fit top and shorts, hats, hockey bags, travel bag and more. The team also uses one of the organizations dedicated locker rooms at NESC so the players can leave their equipment during the season.
As you can see from the links at the top of this story that chronicled the 2011 Junior Bruins Brick tournament, it is more than just the best youth hockey tournament in the world.
Watch this 3 minute promotional clip to see that Alberta and playing on our Brick team has more to offer than just the best youth hockey tournament in the world and taking a few extra days post tournament to explore will be worth your while.
In 2014 the Junior Bruins will be sending their 2004 team to Edmonton. Interested players REGISTER ONLINE (registration link should be live within as week or so, waiting for rink to firm up ice-tryouts are targeted for Friday, December 13 and Saturday, December 14 with call backs on Friday, December 20 and Sunday, January 12) for tryouts and email Chris Masters with the following info:
Left shot or Right shot
Current team playing
Past summer teams played for
Coaches we can contact via email as a reference