2001 Brick Team

B’s Get to Work in Early April

MARLBOROUGH, MA –The Junior Bruins will be heading to Edmonton this July to compete in the prestigious Brick Invitational Super Novice Tournament, commonly known as The Brick. Since the tournament organizers awarded the B’s a charter to enter team in The Brick, the staff has been hitting the rinks identifying the players that they wanted to see a tryouts as well as invite to play on the team. There were over 50 players that showed up at the team’s tryouts in January at the B’s home rink in Marlboro, MA.


Over the course of January and February the Bruins staff hit the rinks to take additional looks at players to finalize the 2001 Junior Bruins Brick team. While the season culminates in July at The Brick, the team will play in three tournaments leading up to the event in addition to a couple of scrimmages and practice sessions.


The team will get together for the first time on Tuesday, April 5 for their opening practice at and NESC and later that week they play for the first time the Flames Spring Classic, also at the Bruins home rink. Later that month they travel to Ontario to play in the inaugural Toronto Invitational tournament. It is there the Bruins will see four -five of the other teams that will be at The Brick. The month of May has the team practicing a few times in addition to a scrimmage with the 2001 Connecticut Yankees team, who will also be Brick bound. The final tune-up for The Brick tournament will be the Icebreaker towards the end of June. The team will get together for some double sessions and make their final preparations for the trip to Edmonton.


The team will fly to Edmonton on Saturday, July 2 and will get a scrimmage in at the West Edmonton Mall, site of all tournament games, on Sunday July 3rd. Games get underway on Independence Day with the finals taking place on Sunday, July 10.


The process in selecting The Brick team was not an easy one and took several months to complete. “The time it took and the number of hours

spent watching these players, not only at tryouts, but in games during the months following tryouts was not only time-consuming but tough as well. There were so many talented, elite players that narrowing it down to the group we are going with was not an easy one.


The players representing the Junior Bruins on their first ever Brick team (the team they played for this past season is in parenthesis):






#2 Matt Boldy-F (Providence Capitals)
#3 Conor Lovett-F (South shore Kings)
#5 Liam Connors-F (Minuteman Flames)
#7 Thor Griffith-F (Middlesex Islanders)
#9 Jack Venturelli-D (Bay State Breakers)
#13 Zack Jones-F (Bridgewater Bandits)
#14 Henry Thrun-D (Minuteman Flames)
#16 Sam Colangelo-F (Middlesex Islanders)
#19 Patrick Moynihan-F (Minuteman Flames)
#21 Sean Farrell-F (Minuteman Flames)
#22 Peirce Kenney-D (BU Jr. Terriers)
#33 Von Mabbs-D (Minuteman Flames)
#35 Derek Mullahy-G (Bay State Breakers)
#41 Jack Williams-G (Afton Americans)
#66 Jacob Banks-F (Minuteman Flames)
#68 Matt Cormier-D (Assabet Valley Patriots)
#87 Chopper Lockhart-D (Bay State Breakers)


The team’s head coach will be Chris Masters.


In 2012 it will be the 2002 Junior Bruins heading to The Brick, 2003 B’s in 2013, etc.


2011 Junior Bruins Brick team Movie-2001 Junior Bruins


2001 Brick team at practice (April 26)

2001 Brick team at practice-1 (April 26)


Brick Tournament History


In January of 1990, Bill Comrie (father of 95 and 97 Junior Bruins AAA tournament teams players Eric and Ty, respectively) met with a few of his executives at The Brick Warehouse Corporation and discussed a hockey tournament concept that would be both unique and beneficial to many people for years to come. Bill’s vision was a hockey tournament for players nine and ten years of age that would be international in scope and personal in presentation. He recognized that this age category did not have national presence similar to the Quebec Pee-Wee Tournament or the Mac Midget Tournament.


“What if we held a summer tournament of this age group at West Edmonton Mall that would combine excellent hockey and a summer holiday for traveling teams?” With this concept in mind, a group of volunteers from The Brick Warehouse set out to organize teams, sponsorships, ice time, and expand upon Bill’s idea to develop a new standard in hockey tournaments.


The Brick Super Novice Invitational Hockey tournament is recognized as Canada’s foremost hockey tournament and its impact can be appreciated by all those who have attended. Bill Comrie, although still a unitholder of The Brick Group Income Fund, is no longer involved in day to day operations. For those of us who have had the pleasure of working with Bill, this is yet another fine example of his foresight and entrepreneurial energy. The Brick Super Novice Hockey Tournament is a small part of Bill’s legacy and we are committed to furthering his vision by making this tournament better and better in the years to come. Hockey players aged nine and ten will benefit from the experience they gained in a world class tournament.