06’s are Coast2Coast Champs!

Team Runs the Table in Twin Cities

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – The 2006 Junior Bruins ran the table in the Twin Cities to take home their first title of the season at the Coast2Coast Invitational. The 06′s, who are a deep and talented group, beat the LA Ducks in the championship game.

The tournament, which takes on the campus of the University of Minnesota and is played at Ridder Arena, had teams from Los Angeles, Manitoba and Minnesota.

2006 Coast2Coast Roster

1-Nicholas Warren
2-Cole Dickson
3-Aidan Colleary
5-Kiernan Poulin
6-Kenneth Leary
7-Evan Dresser
8-Joshua Turcotte
9-Charlie Arend
10-Kyle O’Leary
11-Salvatore Moriello
12-Cameron Cooke
13-Teddy MacAusland
14-Danny Buckley
15-Nathan Walsh
30-Lincoln Molind
77-Jackson Deleo